Trend Research & Catwalk Reports

Understand and explore potential design directions for your brand through a clear and actionable analysis of the latest print trends. I’ll use my commercial experience to identify prints you and your customers will love, sharing them with you in a presentation-ready PDF.

Motif Creation, Print Design & Graphics

After a short discussion to understand your brief, I’ll create print designs through a process that starts with early sketches of motifs for you to feedback on, and ends in bespoke artwork – mindful of your final product and production method.

Editing Artworks & Recolouring

Improve, adapt and refresh existing design with new colourways, motifs, scales and repeats. You’ll be surprised how some seemingly small changes can breathe new life into a design.

Print Artwork Packs 

With experience at suppliers, brands and with my own products, I’m well versed in creating detailed, production-ready artwork packs. I can also guide you through the sampling process, advise on fabric bases and check strike-offs.